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RE: Test mail

- 04/17/2015 11:49:45

Hi Yannick,


Here’s a sample reply for you to test! ;)




Van: Yannick Buron [] Namens Yannick Buron
Verzonden: vrijdag 17 april 2015 13:46
Aan: Clouder
Onderwerp: Test mail


Hello everyone,

I take the opportunity that there is still no so much people on the mailing-list to make sure it is working properly before I start to really communicate around the project. Please don't hesitate to answer to this mail to test the system.

Thank you,


Yannick Buron
+33 (0) 6 70 74 52 26 |
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Building the tools we need
98 Avenue du general pierre billotte BatD
94000 Creteil |


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