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Re: Return from holiday

- 09/01/2015 01:56:30
Hi Yannick

Welcome back and I hope you  had a great and rejuvenating holiday. I look forward to talking to you soon about our Clouder set up and learning more how we can make the best use of this technology.


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On 31 August 2015 at 21:58, Yannick Buron <> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I just returned from holiday, ready for the next phase of the project. It was good to see you started to help each others during my absence, I'd like to especially thanks ErrafayM for the help he provided on the github tickets.

Now to give you some insights regarding my next focus :

-First we need to build a professional assistance offer regarding Clouder for those who need help to deploy it. This will really help to promote and fund the project, some Odoo integrators here in Paris shall help me build this offer. I'd appreciate if you have some advices regarding what this offer shall include for your needs (and the need of the companies we target) and which kind of prices shall be fair.

-Second, I am planning to create here in Paris a strong community for Odoo ( I think we have here everything we need (schools, integrators, customers) to make an important pole of the Odoo community so we can help Odoo SA and OCA face the many challenges they have. Of course, this community will be key for me to expand the use of Clouder.

Once the assistance offer will be set, I shall be able to start delegate most of the project management and things will start moving faster. Wish me luck, as usual I keep you tuned.



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