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Some news, current status of the project and discussion regarding legal aspect

Yannick Buron
- 06/19/2015 10:34:24
Hello everyone,

I was quite busy the last weeks following the Odoo Experience event, and I think it's time to give you some news regarding what happened recently.

I am proud to announce that I managed to convince a dozen of Odoo integrators to seriously consider Clouder for managing their hosting offer. This is very important to go to the next step because at this point I really need to challenge the technology so we can confidently use it in production environment.

Please note that since two months I completely stopped all development of new features, because now all my time is required to growth the community and I don't have time (nor energy) to develop anymore except for resolving bugs. This means, until I finish the business model so I can fund the next developments, in the next months Clouder will evolve only thanks to your contributions so don't be shy, open tickets on github to discuss design of the next features and make pull request.

Regarding the business model, what I want to do is to have two offers :
-An illimited phone/mail support for those who want to use Clouder to build their hosting offer, so we can give them the help they need to really make the fullest of Clouder.
-An ITaaS offer for any companies, so we can tell them "Just give us X$ / month and we take care of all your IT, your ERP, your mail, your documents etc.... with fully open-source softwares". I strongly encourage you to launch the same kind of hosting offer, Clouder is designed to help us launch this and share the R&D between all of us.

Regarding the ITaaS offer, I still don't have enough informations regarding the market so I'll probably launch a survey in the next week to know which price companies are ready to pay for these kind of offer. At this point, I shall be able to scale the activity and go the next level.

I also want to launch the very risky discussion regarding the legal aspect of the project, I think there is enough people in the community already to have a discussion about it so I can make sure the legal context is ok for everyone.
Regarding the license, I choose to go with LGPL3 like the future core of Odoo. The first reason was, because of my low legal knowledge, I feared that an AGPL license will contaminate the softwares we host. I think I was wrong with that fear, there shall be no contamination but still I think LGPL is the right choice.
If some want to make close module using Clouder I don't mind, we will just do better than them. I don't want people to ask useless question if they are allowed to do this or that, I just want them to use Clouder for their needs and in general I don't like to force people. On my side, I can say I have no plan to do close development with Clouder, everything I do since five year is open-source and it will continue.
Please note that I added an attribution clause to the licence, this is according to me the best way and the only one we need to protect the people who make large contribution to the project (including me of course). I always felt that this clause was missing in xGPL licenses.

You also probably notice that I ask for a CLA, at least for the modules which will be on the main repo. My argument here is the same that Odoo SA or the OCA : We need it if we want to evolve the licence (for example the day we will have an LGPL4 license) and if we need to take legal actions against GPL violations. The CLA is according to me important for every open-source project and I hope you'll understand that.
To write the CLA, I took the one from Odoo SA (and also the same procedure with sign on github) but with some important changes similar to OCA CLA. The most important is, we can only change the license for a OSI-approved licence.
Maybe we can also think of other contrainsts in the CLA, for example any licence change must be approved by a majority vote from the contributors, or something like that.

I start to see a lot of tickets being created in the github repo, but not many PR and I started to think the CLA was the reason, so I though some explications may be useful. I want to build an ecosystem where everyone is comfortable with the legal context. Please, don't hesitate to ask if you think something is wrong here or if you think we shall add some clauses in the CLA, I really don't want to reopen the discussion later.

Thank you for your attention,
Yannick Buron
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