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Yannick Buron
- 05/08/2015 15:37:08
Hello everyone,

Just to let you know I created a lot of important tickets on github :

Thoses are all core features I planned long ago, but it was just impossible to do them alone before the first release of Clouder, so I'll need your help for them. Theses tickets will help you understand what are the next steps.

Please note that I'm now spending all my time promoting Clouder, so for new features (including those I created above) either some will contribute them or I'll find a business model to pay someone to develop them, but I'll not do them myself anymore. The only code I'm currently doing is debugging.

Also the most important now is to develop new applications. There is no development documentation today and I don't think I'll have time write it soon, so if you want to contribute with a new application you'll have to check the existing modules. You'll see it's not so complicating, the core Clouder module take care of most of the concepts, please check the clouder_template_odoo for reference which is one of the most complete module.

If it's too early for you but you still have suggestion for an application you want to see on Clouder, please don't hesitate to open a ticket for it, like theses two :

Same for an infrastructure. One of the key value of Clouder is the fact we are not simply deploying applications, we are deploying whole infrastructures with links between them to make them consistent. I want to know what are you use case, what you'd like to propose to your customers or friends, for example : (ERP and Ecommerce)
Full enterprise infrastructure (dropbox-like, GED, mail, PABX etc...)
Personal infra (dropbox-like, Cozy cloud, whatever)
Gamers infra (cloud gaming, mumble for vocal discussion)
Etc, etc, etc... share you ideas! Then I'll be able to use them to show the future of Clouder and bring more people in the community.

Thank you for your help and support.
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