You think hosting your applications is not worth your time?


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What is Clouder?

Clouder is a group of Odoo modules which connect to your servers to easily create and maintain your own hosting infrastructure.

Build by professionnals, wheter you are a hosting guru with all the infrastructure of your company on your shoulders or a geek newbie who want to deploy applications for their friends, in Clouder, you'll find everything you need :

An open source system which deploys the applications for you, using all the best practices without you needing to know them.

The problem

Today, even if excellent open source software exists, most people use closed-source internet services because they are convenient, and generally free.

But then you become the product, losing your private life in the process and a part of your freedom. Even companies rarely hesitate to give up their confidential data, for convenience.

This is happening because open source services are too difficult to install, not everyone can be an hosting guru and nobody can know how to host all applications on the Internet. We had to do something.

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Our solution

The key point is not requiring great technical knowledge or the assumption that you need to know everything about an application before hosting it.

Instead you can use template modules made by others, just install them and make it work, for you, your friends or your company.

Over time, if any problems occur, you may need to do some research to better understand your applications but your first installation only takes minutes.

Our ultimate goal is to keep the Internet how is was originally designed :

A distributed network, where each peer is the equal to the others.

For this, we need to standardize the way we host open-source applications.

For who?

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You have some technical knowledge, you want to promote open-source software to your friends but you know that maintaining it will be a nightmare?

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You want a reliable, secure infrastructure with powerful and controllable software for your company, but only one employee is technically skilled?

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You want to help others who don't have enough time or technical knowledge, and earn a living doing it?

Clouder will help you build a reliable infrastructure in no time.

How it works

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Our strengths


Easily deploy your applications over a whole infrastructure, not a single server.
You can use one Clouder to configure your personal server as well as use it to manage the infrastructures of several companies.


When you deploy a new application or component, each container linked to it is automatically configured.

Platform Agnostic

Clouder only takes care of the applications, not the servers underneath them.
This mean that you can deploy applications on dedicated servers or virtual machines and manage your network as you wish, without worries.

And the most important

Open Source

You will always own and control your own data, your infrastructure is yours.
Your Clouder itself is open source, you can decide to use our services or install it on your servers.

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